Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Divergence of the Undergrad

Students are running away from a professor in the radial direction.

I won’t make a claim for this joke. I first heard it from one of my professors, and haven’t forgotten it since.


The dream is that someone gives you a luxury car that works well, while the reality is that the bicycle tire gets patched.

“If you want the full service, I can even adjust the seat post!”


Professor wonders how students haven't learned about black-body radiation, only to be reminded that they were the one that taught the course.

I kid you not, this actually happened.


Graph of the status in your class versus how much of the course is done. The integral isn't zero around the loop.

We reward those who do good throughout the whole semester versus those who peak at the end, even though the end result is the same.


Professor asks if student understands, and the students says yes while sweeping misconceptions under the rug.

And then a few days later, we ask for an explanation once again.


Person with a flashlight hunts for a sign error, which is hiding behind a rock.

“Don’t be scared, you want to be the right sign anyway.”


It takes a lot longer to read a mathematics or science book than other books.

“How many books did you read this year?”

“Just one, but it was an advanced mathematics book.”

“Oh wow, that’s worth like fifty books!”

Mental Visualization

You have a whole board available! Why do I have to imagine it?

“It’s good to be able to visualize things in your mind.”

“That’s what I’m doing. But I think my brain processes better with pictures.”


We have the answer, we just might have to invent cryosleep too.

“How are you going to run that computer without it losing power?”

“I didn’t think of that.”

“I guess you would have needed the key to wisdom to figure out a better strategy, huh?”

Memory Aid

Don't go copying the teacher's notes without understanding them.

“Did you think your memory aid was going to magically make sense when the test comes around?”