Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.

Creative Mood

Motivation rocks back and forth.

Seriously, it’s like my mind wants to rebel each time I sit down.

Simple Plot

How difficult it is to get a numerical result.

“This plot looks easy to make.”

“Yeah… there were some twists and turns.”

(Hat-tip to my friend Benjamin for this idea.)


A researcher sticking to the buzzwords.

“I don’t even notice the sound anymore. I usually work on these kind of things, so I’m used to it.”


Physicists can afford to be a little sloppier.

I’m on a roll with this “mathematics is mightier than physics” theme!


Physics bends the rules a bit.

It would probably be more satisfying for the mathematicians if the physicists didn’t actually succeed by breaking the rules.

Physics Marketing

Physicists are very serious about their marketing.

“Making this marketing class mandatory for physics student is going to be the biggest distinguishing factor between our program and all the others!”

Oral Exam

A timeline of presentations which is too accurate.

It’s just great that we are expected to come up with answers on the fly, as if pausing to ponder is discouraged.

Presentation Timeline

A timeline of presentations which is too accurate.

Honestly, having only half of these things happen during a presentation is probably considered a win for most people.


First panel. Angry boyfriend: "I can't take this, you're always gaming. You need to choose: me, or your game." Girlfriend: "I choose both." Boyfriend: "Fine then. I'm leaving." Second panel (boyfriend has stormed out). Girlfriend: "You never said it was a xor kind of choice!"

This is a classic example of a precise mathematical definition that does not coincide with our typical usage.


Hyperparameters are just like weeds. They keep popping up.

Seriously, I think weeding might be an easier job overall.