Comics about mathematics, science, and the student life.


Creator: A person who can’t choose between art and science, and found that, through this comic, they didn’t have to.

Okay, you want a bit more. My name is Jeremy. Is that enough?

Description: A comic about science, mathematics, and the student life. In this comic, topics will include: doing research, navigating academia, laboratory work, studying, writing exams or assignments, and graduate studies. If time remains, advanced topics such as mentoring, finding work in industry, and the perils of popular science will be covered.

Purpose: The goal of this comic is to map out the landscape of science and mathematics. Through (dry) humour and visuals, the comic will help serve to illustrate important realities in science and mathematics, even to non-experts.

Schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, around 06:00. Make-up times can be arranged if there are extraordinary circumstances.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of xkcd, ErrantScience, and Math With Bad Drawings is assumed. Experience with physics and mathematics is helpful, but not always necessary. Can be taken concurrently with the above comics.

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Miscellaneous Notes:

Reuse: This comic is made for the enjoyment of all. As such, there is no problem if one wants to use a comic found here for non-profit use. In particular, it is highly encouraged to print these comics out and hang them in laboratories, classrooms, or offices. Share the love of mathematics and science!

One thing I do ask is to link back to the site if you want to use a comic elsewhere. The reason is simple: this is the canonical place to get the comics. By pointing back to here, you’re helping others find these comics.